Departments and Agencies

​​​​​Police Department

Jeremy Hodges​ - Police Chief

Austin Meredith - Officer
Clay Dewesse - Officer​

Fire Department

Jerry Meredith - Fire Chief
911 or (270) 597-2729

Public Works Department

TBA - Director

Utility Clerks

Jennifer Meredith


Lexus Burnett

Garbage Services/Maintenance

Kenny Decker - Driver
Jarred Hayes - Personnel​
Bo Roof - Personnel/Driver​

Garbage pickup is mandatory for all residences within the City limits of Brownsville. If living in an apartment complex, please take your trash to the dumpsters that are provided for you. You must come to the city office to set up a trash account. You must provide the service address, mailing address and pay for the first month of service to start this service. There is no deposit fee required unless you want a second can.

One pick up per week for residential customers. YOU WILL NEED TO BRING THE TRASH CAN ROADSIDE THE NIGHT BEFORE FOR EARLY MORNING PICKUP. See pickup schedule below.

Brownsville City Council has set forth a policy effective July 1, 1999 on items which may not be included in your garbage collection. The city will not be responsible for the removal of the following items:

  • Brick, cement, or rock
  • Brush, tree limbs, or wood
  • Dead animals or fish
  • Appliances or furniture of any nature
  • Grass clippings or leaves
  • Drywall, flooring, carpet, or roofing materials
  • Metal, wire, or steel
  • Tires, rubber, or automotive parts
  • Paint, oil, or other chemicals

Also, due to the health hazards, the City of Brownsville garbage collection service requires that all medical supplies/needles be sealed in a container where the needle cannot make any contact with waste collection personnel.

Please do not block dumpsters!! In the event a dumpster is blocked we will: Issue a warning, issue a ticket or the violator will be towed.

Pickup Schedule

  • Monday
    All businesses with dumpsters
  • Tuesday
    Residential trash and businesses without dumpsters from Cee Bee food store to the bridge (north Brownsville)
  • Wednesday
    Residential trash and businesses without dumpsters from Cee Bee food store to the city limits on Hwy 259 South and to the city limits on Hwy 70 East (south Brownsville)
  • Thursday
    Residential and business trash north side of bridge (newly annexed area) and businesses with dumpsters downtown
  • Friday
    Businesses only (with or without dumpsters) south side of bridge

City of Brownsville
P.O. Box 238
Brownsville, KY 42210
Office: 270-597-3814