​​Welcome to our community! All businesses within the city limits either pay an annual business license or quarterly occupational tax (based on whether you have employees or not), AND a Net Profit Tax.

NO EMPLOYEES: A business license is $40.00 per year due on the start of business and then due each year by January 31, OR;
EMPLOYEES: The occupational tax is 1% of gross wages paid quarterly. Due 3o days after each quarter ends.

Net Profit is 1% on your annual net profit due April 15 each year.

Therefore, you will have 2 types of tax within the city. We are thrilled to have you start this new venture and are here to help in any way we can. Please call if you have any questions and please let us know of any changes or updates needed to the business information we have on file for you.

Customer Water Service Line Survey

Download the Brownsville Municipal Water System customter water service line survey [PDF]​.

Email your survey to here.

Tax Forms

Reconciliation of Payroll Tax Withheld [PDF]
Net Profit Tax [PDF]

Click here to submit your quarterly occupation tax online!
Click here to download and mail us your quarterly occupation tax document [PDF​].

Business License

Click here to submit your business license application online!
Click here to download and mail us your business license application [PDF].

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